Saddle Fitting

On-site independent evaluation of saddle fit for any brand of saddle. Includes:

  • History of both horse and rider
  • Symmetry and palpation evaluation
  • Movement evaluation.
  • Tracings and templates
  • Evaluation of integrity of saddle(s)
  • Static saddle fit evaluation with horse square and still
  • Dynamic evaluation of horse & rider.  Please be prepared to ride!
  • Onsite adjustments to flocking; suggestions for padding or other alternatives as needed

On-site flocking

Complete Re-flock using 100% wool
Conversions from Foam, Cair or Flair to wool
Billet replacement

Please call for inquiries regarding other repairs and pricing.

Price List
Saddle fitting: includes tracings, static and dynamic fit, suggestions, and touch-up flocking up to 1.5 hours of time. $85
Evaluating saddle(s) for purchase: includes tracings, static and dynamic fit, and looking at a few saddles for up to 1.5 hours of time. $85
On-site flocking beyond minor touch ups: based on time and materials involved. $35-$85
Complete re-flock or conversion to wool: price includes a $100 nonrefundable fee in event saddle is opened and a broken tree, tree points, rotted leather, etc. is found and the reflock or conversion cannot be completed. $350
Billet replacement: $25 per billet. Add $55 if saddle must be unstitched and reassembled. Add $135 for point billets.

Please Note:
*Adjusting a non-flocked saddle (foam, western, etc.) is limited to suggestions for pads and shims or possibly a conversion to wool panels if applicable.
*The dynamic part of a saddle fit cannot be completed if the horse is injured, lame, “off,” or if the rider is not available. Please call to reschedule if you notice the horse is “off” before our appointment time or if the rider will not be available. Otherwise, I will expect to proceed with a static fit only for $65.
*Please provide 24 hours notice of cancellation. In the event of a last minute cancellation or no show, a minimum fee of $65 is assessed.

When to call an independent saddle fitter:

  • When purchasing a new saddle, be sure you are making the right investment! I do not sell new saddles or saddle pads, so I will not try to sell you anything. I will give you my honest opinion on what is best for you and your horse.
  • When you want reassurance you are doing the best by your horse. Studies show 70-80% of saddles don’t fit the horse they are used on!
  • When your horse shows signs of saddle discomfort: back soreness, white hairs, rubbing in saddle area, girthiness, refusing to be mounted, bucking.
  • When you fight for your position in the saddle or feel saddle-related pain.